Friday, March 19, 2010

OMG check out Earn bucks! Soo fun!
Happy Friday!! Friday Night Date night for me and the Hubbin2B !! Now, what should we do... ?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm soo happy with everything I got done this week! Its been very productive, and I have more big plans for this new week! Lots to do, just one day at a time... !!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow! As of tomorrow, I havent had a drink in a week!! Thats pretty good, considering how much Jake and I go out, like 3 days a week! Too much wasted money!

DIY Network Hair Accessories

I love DIY Network!! SoOo many projects, so little time.. Here's some hair accessory ideas;

Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

Order the supplies & view the 'recipes' for making your own mineral makeup! I LOVE playing ad Scientist!

DIY Fashion from CosmoGirl

DIY Fashion from CosmoGirl!

Homemade Beauty

Another great DIY spa recipe site::

DIY Spa Night

This site has recipes for DIY Spa Treatments for Face, Body, Lips, Hair, Hands, Feet, Bath, Men, Teens, Family & Household! A TON of recipes + links! Definitely click on this one, my lovelies!

YES I am seriously looking for the Yoda toy from McDonalds Happy Meals right now! I love love Star Wars, and Yodas my fave! Please? Hook it up?

Biting Off More..

Well, here I am. Almost 3 years later, still in Finland. Now, it hasn't been awful, but Jake's the only thing that kept me here. I work 2 jobs, Personal Trainer, FitBlogger & sell on eBay. Busy, right? APPARENTLY not enough LOL! NOW, I've decided to start w/ Avon (again), publish a FORCE Fitness Cookbook, AND design a jewelry line .. to sell on eBay, etc.. OH, NOT TO FORGET THE WEDDING IN JULY!! That Therese & I are 'D-I-Y-ing' it up! Yup, if I gotta stay here, I gotta stay BUSY!! Much Love - Nik

Secret Daily Teaching 3-3-2010

The Secret:: Beliefs are created by thinking thoughts over and over - until they become beliefs. Beliefs are a constant frequency that you are transmitting, and our beliefs are the strongest things that create our life through the law of attraction. The law of attraction responds to what you BELIEVE! That is why when you want to cr...eate something you must ask and BELIEVE, and then you will receive (The Secret Daily Teachings)