Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Weight-Loss Tips! (now that I have your attention..)

So, being that I'm a C.P.T (Certified Personal Trainer), I get asked ALL the time about slimming down quickly.. what works best, do I have any P.T secrets, etc.. And so, I figured that I would blog, just for you, my top 'secrets' for a quick, safe slim-down.
(following these tips will help you to reduce bloat & belly fat - you will not experience a large weight-loss at one time- there is no way to safely do this, as weight-loss shuold be gradual, about 2 lbs/week. Your pants WILL feel slimmer, and your digestive system will be working at it's peak.)

Ok, so these are things that I've found to work pretty well, and fairly quickly..

*Yogurt - Make sure it's not loaded in sugar, and it has active cultures in it. MELTS belly fat, seriously. Eat 2 servings (about 1 cup) a day.

*Cucumber/Lemon Water - Add lemon & cucumber slices to water, and drink a ton, because the next tip is..

*Water, and LOT'S of it!! I carry a water bottle w/ cucumber'lemon water in it all the time. Lemon cleans out your liver & stuff, and cucumber cuts bloat.

*Cut way back on salt, yeast & carbonation - All make you retain water & bloat.

*Protien - Lean & plenty! 2 o.z of nuts a day is they key amount to shoot or with nuts, that number has proven to be effective with weight-loss.

*Fiber - Supplement, preferably, since some veggies high in fiber can cause you to bloat. Take supplement with plenty of water.

*Proper Supplements: Vitamin D3, Calcium, Fish Oil & Multi-vitamin = VERY effective combo

*And don't forget a daily treat! Shoot for about 100-120 calories. I'm a big believer in rewards, so reward yourself! Dark chocolate is good, full of antioxidants.

So, I hope this helps! This is my advice from my personal experience and research. And remember, changing your eating habits is only half the battle. Contact me to schedulae an Initial Fitness Eval (required before starting any fitness program) and get the exercise part covered, too!

*(This blog isn't a substitute for medical advice, although your Doc would probably agree with me.)*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Real-Life FarmVille

Next summer will be an AWESOME summer!! Decorating a new place, getting set up in our new 'Mansion', more pets (hehehe!), more new business ventures, and I can't wait until I can FINALLY cultivate my huge garden that I've been wanting, because I have BIG plans! Basically, Nikkis own Real Life FarmVille!
 I would like to be able to go out into my garden, and 'pick' dinner. Then, head over to my happy chicken or turkey coop, nab a little protien. Or my trout pond, or maybe some of the fresh venison in the cooler. Pick some fruit for dessert. Season all of the above with herbs from my own herb garden, and wash down with home-brewed beer made from hops grown (you guessed it!) on my shed, while sitting on the swing next to the koi pond and rain garden. Oh, and did I mention that herd of dogs that I have following me?? Like I said, I cannot WAIT to get moved out of this teeny little mini-Mansion, and into our new home! !