Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grab My BUTTon :: Now Working!

I FINALLY got my 'Grab My Button' widget working, so now I can trade banners/buttons with you, and your blog, website, home business, etc.. Just post the link to your site/blog, and I'll come check it out! I'll then contact to you get the HTML code for a 125x125 Button widget, and you'll be on the Small Town Sexy Blog!
Looking forward to seeing your blogs & businesses!

FREEBIE~ Free Sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner

Free Sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner
Dove freebies are always good, they generally last a while so everyone should be able to sign-up for this one.
Available while supplies last. Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery, available to US residents only.
Happy Sampling!

FREEBIE~Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Time Snack Bar

Here's a Freebie I found, for anyone looking to try Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Time Snack Bars! Enjoy!
Click the link and look for the blue "Get a Sample" button. Sams Club Membership number is NOT required for this freebie!

Happy Sampling! And let me know what you think!  :)

O'Learys Trading Company.. and Pawn?

Since opening O'Learys Trading Company in 2008, I have become more & more hooked on the idea of expanding that idea, and integrating a Pawn Shop! I'm a treasure-hunter, so this hs been a fun venture for me!
I started OTC with the idea that people had quality items to sell, but had limited knowledge, or were intimidated by selling online. This idea has been proven to me time & time again. I would like to expand my online sales into a store, and eventually, a full-blown pawn shop! I watch the excitement on shows, like Hardcore Pawn, and Pawn Queens. I know my day-to-day wouldn't be quite as exciting in our small town, but I'd be excited to see what people had to pawn, ore interestingly, how much they thought it was worth. I'm a bit of a treasure-hunter, so resales, pawns and antiques are right up my alley. I love finding valuable items for cheap prices at thrift stores & rummage sales, and have developed a good eye for finding treasures. What's better is turning my find into a profit!

Of course, this will take some time. (ugg, I'm soooo not patient!!) In the meantime, look for more auctions, items for sale, and keep in mind; while you're cleaning out your basement, attic, shed, parents house, wherever, and you end up with piles of junk? CALL ME! I'll be there! Boxes of stuff, furniture, art, books, anything! I will take it off your hands, or offer cash for your item(s).

I'll be treasure hunting~ Talk to you soon!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hair Review

So, I'm usually pretty picky about who cuts my hair. It's rare that I go all out & try something new, but I figured I would for my birthday. Heidi Ernest, at Hair Designs in Silver Bay, did my amazing updo for my wedding, so I figured if I could trust her with my wedding hair, I can trust her with everyday hair; Good call, Nikki! My new cut is FABULOUS! It's exactly what I wanted, and I'm so happy I went back to her! I will definitely be trusting my locks to Heidi from now on, and I HIGHLY recommend her! Thanks, Heidi!

My fabulous new look! (channeling my inner Nikki Sixx lol!!  \m/  )

To Re-Gift, or NOT Re-Gift...

Re-Gifting: It's that time of year. Personally, I've never re-gifted anything I've received. It's more of the thought that I like. But, it's not an uncommon practice. So, just for fun, heres my little Re-Gift Survey!

1. Have you ever re-gifted?
2. Do you think you have received a re-gifted gift?
3. What was the item you re-gifted?
4. Have you ever been caught re-gitfing?
5. Would you NEVER re-gift? Just not into it?

Feel free to post your answers below... unless you're afraid of getting caught re-gifting LOL!!

Hope you had a great Chistmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Resolutions

I know all about New Years Resolutions; the list of things you want to achieve, but never do. (come one, how many have YOU kept up with??) Face it, by the end of February, you've thrown 'em out the window. (it's ok, we all do). I actually don't take those as seriously as I do my Birthday Resolutions.

Every year, right before my birthday, I write out my Birthday Resolutions. Now, they aren't all things like "Quit Smoking" (which I don't anyways), but more things I want to accomplish over the next year. Things I wan to to learn, places I want to go, events I want to see, etc.. kind of like a yearly Bucket List. (I'm a list person) 

Some things on my list this year? Learning to play the guitar that Jake bought me 2(!) years ago, getting to a fluent level in German, go to the Renaissance Fair, have booths at Tori/Booya, etc,. go fishing on the big lake, check out Ely Steakhouse/Texas Roadhouse, expand my jewelry line, become eBay Powerseller, and expand my Avon downline to 10 Reps. This isn't the whole list, but just an example. I even list simple things, like new places to eat. It's fun to check things off, and it's like my year-long birthday scavenger hunt.

Try it out- whats on YOUR Birthday Resolution list?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nikki's Mad Hatter Un-Birthday Party

OMG, 2010 has been QUITE a year. After all that, I'm DEFINITELY ready to cut loose with some birthday fun!!
I always have such anxiety when my birthday nears. I want to celebrate with my friends, but with it being so close to Christmas, it's hard for everyone to get away. That's why I'm looking forward to this party - it's a few days earlier, hopefully helping more people to be able to come have a drink with me for my birthday! Even if it's just for one (lol), I'm still glad when someone stops by my party- means alot :) Always fun to whoop it up with my friends!
Can't wait to see you all there! (and you're crazy outfits & hats LOL! Remember, Mad Hatter-styles - Even if you don't dress up, you can still stop by, haha)

See you there, Love Ya's, Cheers!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to Small Town Sexy!

I have put some major work into my blog lately, so if this is your 1st time stopping by, WELCOME!!
I blog about fitness, fashion, local dining, outdoors, shopping, product & services reviews, local events, health, coupons, weather, recipes, businesses, freebies, lodging, books, movies, music, men, home decor & MORE!
Don't forget to 'Like' my blog on FB: for exclusive FB Fan giveaways & online events!
I give product reviews on any service, product or event, so contact me with details, and I will give you a 'blog-spot' shout-out! (plus, I love freebies!)

Again, welcome to living fabulously in a small town!

Attention, Last Minute Shoppers..

Yes, yes, I know there are still people doing Christmas shopping, myself included. So, in that spirit, I've compiled some great shopping site on my blog, the Small Town Sexy Virtual Mall. Guaranteed to have something for you.
Flowers, Perfume, Gift Cards, Clothing, Jewelry, Watches, Collectibles, Diet Products and more.
You still have a couple days to shop, and I'd look for overnight shipping at this point, just to be safe.
I also want to know; Where did YOU shop online? Would you shop there again? Comment here!

(and don't forget my birthday on Thursday the 23rd, & I LOVE zebra print & Hello Kitty ~ haha!)

Happy Shopping!

N's Movie Reviews

Alright, so the last 3 new movies I've watched were: Alice in Wonderland, The Bounty Hunter, and Killers. This is the part where I tell you what I thought, and then you can tell me!

Alice in Wonderland: Ok, I obviously liked this one, but my favorite part is Johnny Depps character, the Hatter. I love when he plays such ambiguous characters! You don't really know if he wants to help you or not. Also Helena Bonham Carter as Red Queen is great, too. Solid character. And the scenery is amazing. LOVE this flick! I give this one 5 Stars *****

The Bounty Hunter: with Gerard Butler (not a fan) and Jennifer Aniston (big fan!). It has it's funny parts, for sure, but I get so tired of it working out in the end. They should've split ways, but that's the anti-romantic side of me. Maybe if they had cast someone as instead of Gerard, I would've liked it more. But, if you're an Aniston fan, it's worth watching. 3 Stars ***

Killers: Ashton Kutcher, & Katherine Heigl. OMG, I LOVE her character in this movie! Nerdy, straight-laced, nervous.. just great! Ashton Kutcher awkwardly stumbles through some serious & romantic scenes in this movie, but he somehow recovers overall, and you love him all over again. Plus, he's topless. :)  OH, and  did I mention Tom Selleck?? (check out the power-'stache!) And Catherine O'Hara as Heigl's delightfully drunken mother. I give this one a solid 4 Stars. ****

Sunday, December 19, 2010

You'll Hate Me After This..

So, I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas because HELLO, it's Nikki Beach, but besides that, look at this menu! OMG, all that fresh seafood just makes my mouth water! I think it's funny that it's all in peso's! (I KNOW why, but I can still giggle!)

Here are some of the menu items that I thought sounded good..

Nikki Beach Special
7 rolls, vegetables ,anguila, camaron, cangrejo, salmon, atun, atun picante and 12 pz de sashimi

Sea Food Salad
Mix vegetables, olive, calamari, shrimp, mussel, scallops marinated with white wine vinaigrette and olive oil.
Provolone Beef Medallion
With Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Asparagus and Merlot

St Tropez Wild Salmon and Crab Cake
Stir fried vegetables, herb and garlic aioli.

Pankoco Shrimps
With risotto rice, shitaki, and fresh coconut accompanied with mango sauce and horse radish

Lobster Roll
Maine lobster, roasted fennel, mango, avocado and masago.

Grill Chicken Paninni
Swiss Cheese, Roast Pepper, Spinach and Lemon Alio li Dressing

(BTW, If your mouth isn't watering now, I don't know what's wrong with you!!)

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Foccacia
Dried Tomato, Basil and Garlic Pesto.
Chicken Satay
Sesame marinated Chicken Strips sauteed with Asian Vegetables in a Spicy Peanut Sauce, served with Bamboo Steamed Jasmine Rice

SO, I can tell by the list of good foods that it's time for me to sign off, and start Googling recipes...
(P.S I said you'd hate me... LOL!!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Denise Austin, My Abs Hate You...

Ugg!! I personally am NOT a fan of crunches. Seriously, who is?? If someone tells you they do 500 crunches a day, run away immediately. Because they are insane. Anyways, anything but crunches, please! I'm always looking for an ab workout that doesn't include 'em. Aren't many, BTW. But, I am a big fan of my fitness ball, which I got with a Denise Austin: Hit the Spot Core Complete DVD (found in Parade section of Sunday paper for FREE+$4.95S/H.. watch that section, I've gotten 3 South Beach book for the same deal!)

The 18 minute full-body routine on this DVD is awesome! (After about 20 minutes, I lose my focus anyways!) Every move engages your abs (love it), and they all focus more than one muscle group at a time. which feels great! (abs hate it lol!) It also has 4 other sections, but the full-body is my fave 18 minute way to torture (I mean sculpt) my abs. And because I'm a glutton for punishment and a tough Personal Trainer, I use 5# weights instead of the little hand weights she uses. Plus, I warm-up with a mini-power walk, and some jumping jacks.

So, try this one out, or try out a fitness ball. I'm a fan due to the versatility & effectiveness. Watch your posture, do moves slowly, and keep those abs tight. You'll thank me. (your abs won't.)

Happy fitness!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small Town Sexy is Product Review-Friendly!

Small Town Sexy is Product Review-Friendly!

I am 100% willing to try, review & blog about your product or service!
 For each review, I ask you send me the following;

* Item/product you are looking for a review on, or
* Directions to your event/location
I am willing to review all types of products, including fitness, nutrition, DVD's, restaurants, fitness equipment, home parties, clothing & accessories, store, lodging, jewelry, art, bags, supplements, books, crafts, cosmetics, and more! Just call my your own personal critic, for whatever your product!
 I also plan events, and network, so this is a great opportunity to make new contacts for that little black book!
Contact me at to get started!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nikki Cocktail (Happy Happy Hour!)

Mmm.. Happy Hour.. for those of you who will be cocktailing this evening, here's one to try. Warning: Not Too Many...

The Pink Nikki Cocktail:
Bacardi Limon / Absolut Citron (your choice)
Grenadine (a splash)
Over plenty of ice. Serve with a cherry, and pink umbrella. :)


Ch ch ch Changes

WHEW this has been a long year!! Up, & down, & back up, & back down.. what a coaster 2010 turned out to be! I really need a change of pace here, SO, time for some changes! Everywhere!

It's definitely time to re-arrange & re-decorate my house. I had a good start on my German kitchen, no I'm looking to expand to the rest of the cabin. Maybe I just need someone else to come over and take a crack at it. I need a fresh approach to the somewhat dismal decorating opportunity. (Did I mention my cabins about 8 sq feet? I'm ALMOST exaggerating...)

HAIRCUT TIME! Seems like no matter what, I'm always disappointed with the cuts I get at salons. I had ONE lady who ever cut it right for my face, and she's too far away now. I need someone who can A) Take the Style I want, and B) Make it work for my face type. Seems simple, right? YA- I can't remember that last time I didn't cry after a hair-cut. SO, maybe it's time to try again. (looking for suggestions, ladies)

I've been pretty crafty lately, exploring my 'domestic-side' - (I DID have one, who knew??) I for sure need to make a new quilt AKA Blankie. Mine is pretty ragged. (but soooo comfy!) And I'm looking for old furniture. Buffets, wooden items, etc.. I've been decoupaging.. hehehe... which seems to keep my attention longer than crochet LOL!!

Oooh oooh.. and maybe a puppy.   :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Whats Left of Me..

Well, by now, some of you probably are wondering whats going on. I've talked to the people who have text'd me, so they know what happened, so for those of you who I haven't spoken with, this is for you.

2010 has by far been the most emotional year I've ever had. I got married (positive!), and, sadly, lost 4 family members within the last 8 months.

My stepmom died unexpectedly in a hiking accident at Palisade Head in April. This (obviously) a huge shock, since she'd been there so many time before, proving accidents do happen. I miss her so much. She taught me so much about life, finances, all the adult-things in life. (Even shaving my legs!)

Next, I get a call from my sister, informing me that my Grandpa Ramon (Mom's Dad) is in the hospital with complications from tumors in his brain. She said he probably wont be coming back home. And he didn't. Many of you don't know this, but my Grandpa served as some inspiration for the book True Blood.  He had met the author in Vietnam, and spoken with him. This was the conversation where the name Rambo came from. I have my Grandpas autobiography, if anyone is interested. My Grandpa was a proud member of the Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe, and taught me what I know about my Native American culture.

And only days later, my Father-in-Law, Harold, passed away next, from complications with lung cancer as a result of exposure to Asian Orange during his time serving in Vietnam. He was such a great guy, with lots of heart, stories, and a laugh you'd never forget. We'll miss you, Big H.

And, Saturday morning, I got a call from my mother, in tears. My Oma is gone. She passed away in her sleep from her heart problems. (I have to stop for a moment..) And, like so many time already this year, I dropped the phone, fell to my knees in tears. Not sure if I will ever emotionally get back up off my knees. Every person I've lost this year taught me so much. I feel like I keep losing pieces of me. It's making me such a paranoid person, like the last time I see someone will be the LAST time I see them. My Oma & I were so close. She was at my wedding, many of you got to meet her. My German-doppelganger, was had a bond that no one else in our family had. It was a bond of honesty, and trust. She taught me cooking, sewing, rummage saling, you name it, we did it together. DAMMIT, I will miss her so much.

So, this is where I'm at. Definitely not ready for life yet. I feel so overwhelmed, and a bit empty, and lost. I'm hoping a 'mental health day' on the couch with help, complete with reality TV & junk food. Wish me luck. And THANK YOU, for all the FB Hugs, and messages! It really really helps, because it reminds me that I DO have other pieces of me left; the friends & family that ARE still here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nikki's Fave Smoothie Recipe :)

I am SUCH a smoothie girl, and this is definitely one of my favorites!

Nikki's Breakfast Smoothie


■1 cup of frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and/or strawberries)

■1 scoop of whey powder

■1 Tbs. flaxseed oil

■1 Tbs. ground flaxseed

■2 tsp. lemon juice

■1 tsp. unsweetened plain cranberry juice

■1 pack of Stevia/Splenda(to taste)

■8 ice cubes

■1 cup water

Blend until smooth and if needed you can add a few ice cubes to thicken it up. Make a bit over 16 ounces. And Enjoy!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's your sign, Sarah Palin...

This just opens a whole can of worms with me, haha! And off we go...

First, not a SP fan. End of story. So we won' get into all that. (today). I have also checked out her new show, & it would be much cooler if I didn't have to listen to her annoying voice. However, the hunting & fishing parts are cool to watch, being I do, & I support. Especially for eating.

Second.. um, DUH, SP!! You "anticipated animal activists would not respond well to her going caribou hunting.." REALLY?? It's PETA!! They oppose PETS, from their leather couches. Why would you choose to be a spokesperson for an organization like that?? And then hunt caribou anyways? Your intelligence never fails to amaze me. Must be where she learned how to spend money that isn't hers..

..And this has been your Daily Political B*tch Session w/ Nikki.


Here's the link to the article for the source of this blog.

Twitter: Cooler Than You Think (I promise!)

Tweet Tweet! Good morning! So, for some reason, there are those of you who haven't yet discovered the miracle of Twitter. To those people, I have to ask WHY??

First, there is no reason to become "Twitt-addicted" like some people. I'm am not an addict. :)

Second, I LOVE Twitter for getting all my EVERYTHING in one place. All the views, all at once. Sports, too! I have Duluth News Tribune, CNN, CNNBrk, Fox, NY Times, Huffington Post, The Onion, etc..
Other fabulous follows?
If you're a trivia buff, you'll like OneCoolThingaDay, OMGFacts, etc.. I'm learning Japanese & German on Twitter (DailyGermanWord, ispeakjapanese). Like words? Follow Websters, WordoftheDay, and Wordspy.
Or how about celebs?? I follow (a ton!) Kardashians, Kendra, anybody you like! I also follow SuzeOrman for financial tips, eBaydailydeals for shopping deals on eBay, RealSimple for household tips, Sesame Street (for fun!), Foodimentary to learn all about, you guessed!
Come check out my Twitter page, check out all my Follows. Even if you just use it for news, or whatever! I have alot of Tweets sent to my cell via SMS so I'm always updated, & learning on my phone LOL!! VERY handy when someone teases you about Twittering.. "Screw you, did you know that...(insert rndm fact here) and now you look smart! :) I'm MissNikki2308 on Twitter. Seriously, just browse through it.. you'll probably be surprised!
(Did I mention Dolly & Willie both Tweet??)
Ciao! Nikki

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Gets a Makeover!

I haven't been blogging very much lately, so I decided to give it a new look.. Let me know what you think!

I added a few new widgets, and I'm still looking at adding some more, so let me know which widgets you use most. :)
I will be posting more often, so feel free to share my blog with your friends, I would really appreciate it! I will be glad to share your link right back!

Ciao! Nikki

P.S Also looking to add a few new business opp's, so if you have an at-home business, let me know!

Looking for Junk... DIY time!

As if I need ONE MORE PROJECT... oh well! My creative streak is pretty dominating of my personality lately, must be time to feed it, DIY-style!

I've always been a decoupage fan, so I'm looking for anything you are looking to get rid off. Chairs, desks, lamps, frames end tables, dishes, fabric, old broken watches & jewelry, etc.. Any random little trinket you've got laying around. I crochet, so yarn is good, too.

I also want to start my first quilt soon, with the help of Therese, of course. I have lot's of old t's, etc.. to use, but I'm always looking for ideas, so if you have a quilt (or any other DIY) you're pretty proud of, post the pic here for me. :)

And, I love to find new ways to re-use just about anything, and I'm pretty damn good at it, too! Looking to hit the jackpot, & find someone who just doesn't have time for crafts, and wants to clean out their inventory LOL!

Cheers! Nikki