Wednesday, December 29, 2010

O'Learys Trading Company.. and Pawn?

Since opening O'Learys Trading Company in 2008, I have become more & more hooked on the idea of expanding that idea, and integrating a Pawn Shop! I'm a treasure-hunter, so this hs been a fun venture for me!
I started OTC with the idea that people had quality items to sell, but had limited knowledge, or were intimidated by selling online. This idea has been proven to me time & time again. I would like to expand my online sales into a store, and eventually, a full-blown pawn shop! I watch the excitement on shows, like Hardcore Pawn, and Pawn Queens. I know my day-to-day wouldn't be quite as exciting in our small town, but I'd be excited to see what people had to pawn, ore interestingly, how much they thought it was worth. I'm a bit of a treasure-hunter, so resales, pawns and antiques are right up my alley. I love finding valuable items for cheap prices at thrift stores & rummage sales, and have developed a good eye for finding treasures. What's better is turning my find into a profit!

Of course, this will take some time. (ugg, I'm soooo not patient!!) In the meantime, look for more auctions, items for sale, and keep in mind; while you're cleaning out your basement, attic, shed, parents house, wherever, and you end up with piles of junk? CALL ME! I'll be there! Boxes of stuff, furniture, art, books, anything! I will take it off your hands, or offer cash for your item(s).

I'll be treasure hunting~ Talk to you soon!!

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