Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twitter: Cooler Than You Think (I promise!)

Tweet Tweet! Good morning! So, for some reason, there are those of you who haven't yet discovered the miracle of Twitter. To those people, I have to ask WHY??

First, there is no reason to become "Twitt-addicted" like some people. I'm am not an addict. :)

Second, I LOVE Twitter for getting all my EVERYTHING in one place. All the views, all at once. Sports, too! I have Duluth News Tribune, CNN, CNNBrk, Fox, NY Times, Huffington Post, The Onion, etc..
Other fabulous follows?
If you're a trivia buff, you'll like OneCoolThingaDay, OMGFacts, etc.. I'm learning Japanese & German on Twitter (DailyGermanWord, ispeakjapanese). Like words? Follow Websters, WordoftheDay, and Wordspy.
Or how about celebs?? I follow (a ton!) Kardashians, Kendra, anybody you like! I also follow SuzeOrman for financial tips, eBaydailydeals for shopping deals on eBay, RealSimple for household tips, Sesame Street (for fun!), Foodimentary to learn all about, you guessed it..food!
Come check out my Twitter page, check out all my Follows. Even if you just use it for news, or whatever! I have alot of Tweets sent to my cell via SMS so I'm always updated, & learning on my phone LOL!! VERY handy when someone teases you about Twittering.. "Screw you, did you know that...(insert rndm fact here) and now you look smart! :) I'm MissNikki2308 on Twitter. Seriously, just browse through it.. you'll probably be surprised!
(Did I mention Dolly & Willie both Tweet??)
Ciao! Nikki

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