Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ch ch ch Changes

WHEW this has been a long year!! Up, & down, & back up, & back down.. what a coaster 2010 turned out to be! I really need a change of pace here, SO, time for some changes! Everywhere!

It's definitely time to re-arrange & re-decorate my house. I had a good start on my German kitchen, no I'm looking to expand to the rest of the cabin. Maybe I just need someone else to come over and take a crack at it. I need a fresh approach to the somewhat dismal decorating opportunity. (Did I mention my cabins about 8 sq feet? I'm ALMOST exaggerating...)

HAIRCUT TIME! Seems like no matter what, I'm always disappointed with the cuts I get at salons. I had ONE lady who ever cut it right for my face, and she's too far away now. I need someone who can A) Take the Style I want, and B) Make it work for my face type. Seems simple, right? YA- I can't remember that last time I didn't cry after a hair-cut. SO, maybe it's time to try again. (looking for suggestions, ladies)

I've been pretty crafty lately, exploring my 'domestic-side' - (I DID have one, who knew??) I for sure need to make a new quilt AKA Blankie. Mine is pretty ragged. (but soooo comfy!) And I'm looking for old furniture. Buffets, wooden items, etc.. I've been decoupaging.. hehehe... which seems to keep my attention longer than crochet LOL!!

Oooh oooh.. and maybe a puppy.   :)

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  1. puppies ALWAYS brighten your day!I like you're hair in your Diva Cafe picture. With the bangs. That was a cute look on you. Not sure what look was the only one that worked but that one does too.