Monday, December 6, 2010

Looking for Junk... DIY time!

As if I need ONE MORE PROJECT... oh well! My creative streak is pretty dominating of my personality lately, must be time to feed it, DIY-style!

I've always been a decoupage fan, so I'm looking for anything you are looking to get rid off. Chairs, desks, lamps, frames end tables, dishes, fabric, old broken watches & jewelry, etc.. Any random little trinket you've got laying around. I crochet, so yarn is good, too.

I also want to start my first quilt soon, with the help of Therese, of course. I have lot's of old t's, etc.. to use, but I'm always looking for ideas, so if you have a quilt (or any other DIY) you're pretty proud of, post the pic here for me. :)

And, I love to find new ways to re-use just about anything, and I'm pretty damn good at it, too! Looking to hit the jackpot, & find someone who just doesn't have time for crafts, and wants to clean out their inventory LOL!

Cheers! Nikki

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