Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Resolutions

I know all about New Years Resolutions; the list of things you want to achieve, but never do. (come one, how many have YOU kept up with??) Face it, by the end of February, you've thrown 'em out the window. (it's ok, we all do). I actually don't take those as seriously as I do my Birthday Resolutions.

Every year, right before my birthday, I write out my Birthday Resolutions. Now, they aren't all things like "Quit Smoking" (which I don't anyways), but more things I want to accomplish over the next year. Things I wan to to learn, places I want to go, events I want to see, etc.. kind of like a yearly Bucket List. (I'm a list person) 

Some things on my list this year? Learning to play the guitar that Jake bought me 2(!) years ago, getting to a fluent level in German, go to the Renaissance Fair, have booths at Tori/Booya, etc,. go fishing on the big lake, check out Ely Steakhouse/Texas Roadhouse, expand my jewelry line, become eBay Powerseller, and expand my Avon downline to 10 Reps. This isn't the whole list, but just an example. I even list simple things, like new places to eat. It's fun to check things off, and it's like my year-long birthday scavenger hunt.

Try it out- whats on YOUR Birthday Resolution list?

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