Sunday, December 19, 2010

You'll Hate Me After This..

So, I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Nikki Beach in Cabo San Lucas because HELLO, it's Nikki Beach, but besides that, look at this menu! OMG, all that fresh seafood just makes my mouth water! I think it's funny that it's all in peso's! (I KNOW why, but I can still giggle!)

Here are some of the menu items that I thought sounded good..

Nikki Beach Special
7 rolls, vegetables ,anguila, camaron, cangrejo, salmon, atun, atun picante and 12 pz de sashimi

Sea Food Salad
Mix vegetables, olive, calamari, shrimp, mussel, scallops marinated with white wine vinaigrette and olive oil.
Provolone Beef Medallion
With Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Asparagus and Merlot

St Tropez Wild Salmon and Crab Cake
Stir fried vegetables, herb and garlic aioli.

Pankoco Shrimps
With risotto rice, shitaki, and fresh coconut accompanied with mango sauce and horse radish

Lobster Roll
Maine lobster, roasted fennel, mango, avocado and masago.

Grill Chicken Paninni
Swiss Cheese, Roast Pepper, Spinach and Lemon Alio li Dressing

(BTW, If your mouth isn't watering now, I don't know what's wrong with you!!)

Prosciutto and Mozzarella Foccacia
Dried Tomato, Basil and Garlic Pesto.
Chicken Satay
Sesame marinated Chicken Strips sauteed with Asian Vegetables in a Spicy Peanut Sauce, served with Bamboo Steamed Jasmine Rice

SO, I can tell by the list of good foods that it's time for me to sign off, and start Googling recipes...
(P.S I said you'd hate me... LOL!!)

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