Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's your sign, Sarah Palin...

This just opens a whole can of worms with me, haha! And off we go...

First, not a SP fan. End of story. So we won' get into all that. (today). I have also checked out her new show, & it would be much cooler if I didn't have to listen to her annoying voice. However, the hunting & fishing parts are cool to watch, being I do, & I support. Especially for eating.

Second.. um, DUH, SP!! You "anticipated animal activists would not respond well to her going caribou hunting.." REALLY?? It's PETA!! They oppose PETS, from their leather couches. Why would you choose to be a spokesperson for an organization like that?? And then hunt caribou anyways? Your intelligence never fails to amaze me. Must be where she learned how to spend money that isn't hers..

..And this has been your Daily Political B*tch Session w/ Nikki.


Here's the link to the article for the source of this blog.

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