Monday, December 20, 2010

N's Movie Reviews

Alright, so the last 3 new movies I've watched were: Alice in Wonderland, The Bounty Hunter, and Killers. This is the part where I tell you what I thought, and then you can tell me!

Alice in Wonderland: Ok, I obviously liked this one, but my favorite part is Johnny Depps character, the Hatter. I love when he plays such ambiguous characters! You don't really know if he wants to help you or not. Also Helena Bonham Carter as Red Queen is great, too. Solid character. And the scenery is amazing. LOVE this flick! I give this one 5 Stars *****

The Bounty Hunter: with Gerard Butler (not a fan) and Jennifer Aniston (big fan!). It has it's funny parts, for sure, but I get so tired of it working out in the end. They should've split ways, but that's the anti-romantic side of me. Maybe if they had cast someone as instead of Gerard, I would've liked it more. But, if you're an Aniston fan, it's worth watching. 3 Stars ***

Killers: Ashton Kutcher, & Katherine Heigl. OMG, I LOVE her character in this movie! Nerdy, straight-laced, nervous.. just great! Ashton Kutcher awkwardly stumbles through some serious & romantic scenes in this movie, but he somehow recovers overall, and you love him all over again. Plus, he's topless. :)  OH, and  did I mention Tom Selleck?? (check out the power-'stache!) And Catherine O'Hara as Heigl's delightfully drunken mother. I give this one a solid 4 Stars. ****

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