Monday, May 17, 2010

Post-Employment Survey

So, you may or ay not have heard that I quit my job at (***). And I'll bet you want the story behind it.. (without mentioning names)
1. Scheduling Games - If it's not on the schedule, how am I supposed to know that you want me to come in and work?? Nor can you tell me the day before that I'm scheduled to work on a day off! I received a list from my co-worker with the dates of all the days she was taking off (days I would need to come in). My boss instructed me to 'disregard' that list, because he would be making the decisions on which days I would be working, and NOT TO EVEN MENTION IT TO HER!
2. Stating to me that I'm owed a raise, but they don't have money to give it to me, so in June, I may (or may not!) receive a differential check. It's been back & forth so many times, who even knows anymore??
3. I've been working there since last June. I'm on 2 closing shifts a week. HOWEVER, APPARENTLY I am not smart enough to know how to lock a door at night, or I must be planning on robbing the place, because I STILL HAVE NO KEY! I'm educated, with no criminal record whatsoever. My boss drives in on Tuesday nights for the last 15 minutes & 'baby-sits' while I close, then he locks up. Could you BE any more demeaning? I'm not an idiot. And I know it's not a SAFETY thing, because...
4. Being harassed - Yes, there is a customer who comes in repeatly drunk, & harasses me. My boss has seen this, he said that he told him not tom come in anymore. He's STILL coming in, he's STILL harassing me, and I had to threaten to call the Sheriff on him. Told my boss again..and the guy came in again the next day. Did my boss ask him to leave? No. Was the customer drunk & harassing? Yes. Do I feel like my boss was doing his job, & making it a safe, harassment-free workplace, for the employees? Not anymore. Have I come home in tears because of this? Yes. Is it worth it? NO!

And THIS is why I quit my job. I feel pretty relieved now, like a huge black cloud has passed over my head. Now I can focus on school, wedding & my photography. It's not as if I don't have other jobs, or income. Au revior!

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