Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mrs. O'Leary-Cronquist vs the Job

So, after the wedding, I'm planning on possibly looking to pick up another part-time job. I'm still at Four Seasons, but their 'legal process' is moving soo slow. Maybe Avon again, that was fun. I know that I'm absolutely NOT interested in serving food, or cleaning rooms. I already serve food at Seasons, and I REFUSE to do Housekeeping again! Blech! Hoping I can find Front Desk, Customer Service-type job- That's my forte anyways, so I'll stick with that! AND, I'm still selling on eBay, but that's on hold because my PayPal may have been hacked into.. again! Also looking to pick up a couple more photo shoots.

And my school is on hold too.(I'm working on my Degree in Marketing). Between planning the wedding, summer (no excuse there LOL!), and not having enough hours at work, I'm a bit behind :( Wheeeew! Been a busy girl- let's add more BAHAHA!

Keep your ears open for me!
Talk soon-

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