Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jedi Doctrine

So, as a huge Star Wars fan, and also a fan of a good "Religion vs Spirituality vs Science" discussion, I find this very article interesting... This is the final paragraph on the page, and the previous paragraphs discuss the "Basic Concepts" of the Jedi Religion, which are interestnig as well, as they are similar to any other religion/spiritual belief. Anyways, Enjoy!

"..Lets consider the Church of Scientology. About 60 years ago, a fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard wrote a body of beliefs and related practices. Hubbard chose only later to characterize his writings as an "applied religious philosophy" and since it has gained legal recognition as an official religion in many western countries. Unlike the Church of Scientology, we will not harass members of the public, nor ex members of our Church. We welcome all those who wish to join, and we farewell all those who wish to leave. We only request that the Jedi Church is given every legal right and recognition that is given to other legal and recognised churches in our society, and that our members be free to practice their religion free from persecution.."

Original Source: Read the Whole Article Here

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