Monday, July 6, 2009

Personal Training

So, I've recently made some big life decisions, & one of which is to renew my Personal Trainer Certification & work for myself! I have about 6 months experience as a Gym Assistant/Trainer in a fitness facility, and about 6 months experience working independently with my own clients. I'm excited, & I think a quick run through my manual, & update my forms, & I should be good for my exam! Wish me luck, and keep me in mind for your fitness needs!! Here are some links highlighting the benefits of working w/ a Personal Trainer...
Do I need a personal trainer to help me get in shape??

This is a question which many individuals have asked themselves. While getting in shape and losing weight may seem straightforward enough - go to the gym, exercise, eat healthy, repeat - it may be more difficult than you think. A qualified personal trainer is more than just someone who goes to the gym with you. They're a fitness consultant who's sole responsibility is to help you see maximum results from exercising. Here are seven awesome advantages a personal trainer gives you:
1. Exercise More Efficiently
A personal trainer is educated in fitness, and has a much deeper understanding of how the body works than the average person. For this reason, they are more qualified to assess what types of exercises are going to be most beneficial to you in achieving your personal fitness goals. You'll see faster results with less effort than you would if you simply worked out on your own. Plus, less time at the gym = more time to do other things. Working out doesn't need to be a strain on your schedule, and with the help of a personal trainer you'll work out quicker and see the results of your labor much sooner.
2. Encouragement
It's highly motivating to have someone else working out with you and encouraging you to give it all you've got. When you work out by yourself, it's easy to become frustrated if you don't see the results you're looking for. And when you become frustrated, it's easy to quit working out. Having a personal trainer with you in the gym will assure that you always have someone to "cheer you on" and keep you motivated. Plus, you'll feel better about yourself knowing that you are making a positive change in your life.
3. Accountability
As I mentioned above, it's easy to fall out of the habit of exercising regularly. With a personal trainer, you're always going to have someone there whos "watching over your shoulder" and making sure you hit the gym regularly. Not only that, but since you are now paying for the time you spend in the gym, you'll want to get the most for your money and not skip sessions.
4. Safety
If you aren't used to working out, or even if you have some experience in the gym, safety is always a factor. There are many ways to get injured when you're exercising, and not all of them are apparent. You may strain a muscle because you're using poor form. You may try to lift too much weight and drop a weight or a dumb-bell on your foot or chest. A personal trainer will make sure you're using proper form and are not lifting more weight than you can handle. Plus, if something does happen, they'll be there to immediately get help. In addition, using poor form when exercising reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. When working with a personal trainer you'll be able to get feedback on how you're holding your body and how you're moving, to get he maximum results out of each activity.
5. Nutritional Advice
There are many myths and inaccurate pieces of information about nutrition floating around. With a new fad diet every other month, it's easy to see why. Do I count calories or do I count carbs? Should I eat less trans fats or less saturated fats? How much protein do I need to be getting every day? Am I getting enough vitamins? Etc. etc. etc. A personal trainer can assess your health and nutritional needs based on your age, body type, gender and simple eating preferences. They will work with you to design a meal plan which works for you and assures you get everything you need from the food you eat. You'll feel more full and be less prone to over-eating.
6. Unique Needs
There are many reasons why you may have unique needs which prevent you from getting regular exercise. Maybe you're pregnant, maybe you've recently had a battle with cancer. Maybe you're diabetic or maybe you're just plain OLD and don't feel comfortable about working out on your own. A qualified personal trainer will take all of these things into consideration and design a workout plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. This way, you can exercise without worry and know that you're doing your body good instead of hurting it.
7. Schedule
A good personal trainer will make the effort to work with your schedule and will exercise with you at a time that is convenient for you. Maybe you work a standard 9 - 5 job and the only time it's convenient for you is in the morning, at lunch, or after work. Maybe you're a mother with a chaotic and often random schedule. Maybe you're already active in other activities which cut into your schedule. Whatever it is, a personal trainer will find a time to work out with you so that you never feel pressed for time.

Now that we've gone over these 7 advantages to hiring a personal trainer, I'd like to say one more thing in closing: Your local gym may or may not have trainers working for them, but you're probably better off hiring someone who trains full time on their own. Some chain type of gyms do not require their trainers to have well recognized certifications relating to training. For this reason, some of their trainers may be inexperienced or underqualified to be training anyone. It might cost you more, but it will definitely be worth your money to hire a certified professional. Research ACE, NASM, Expert Rating, & some of the other major fitness certifications to learn more about them. That way, you can make an educated decision when hiring a personal trainer.
P.S Whats your fave way to get fit?

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