Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gettin' Fit... with Farmville!!

Yup, I said it. That's right. Gettin' fit with Farmville. =]  First off, let me explain one thing; I am not the die-hard Farmville-ian. If I have some spare time, & feel like playing a game, FV is one of my three 'go-to' games. (..just so you're not thinking I'm a daily-obsessive-FV-freak.) So, being a Personal Trainer, I'm always looking for new opportunities to sneak in some fitness, which brings me to Farmville...

Yes, I have designed the simple, sweat-free, break-through workout that will change your life! No, I'm kidding. (don't ever fall for that, BTW!) I did, however, make a mini-routine that I run through anytime I do anything with FV. That includes; logging on, & accepting or sending gifts. And, if for whatever reason (long, boring day) I happen to log in twice in one day? Mini-routine reps are doubled. Here it is, my FV mini-routine:

Pushups: Until muscles completely fatigued (That determines your # of reps to shoot for in each exercise)
Lunges/Wall Squats: Until muscles completely fatigued
Crunches: Until muscles completely fatigued
Bicep Curls: Until muscles completely fatigued

..And that's it. Simple as that. Takes all of 4-5 minutes. Feel each move, from start to finish. Full movements & good form will give you the best results & prevent injuries.. which will lay you up, and you'll play MORE FV lol! Maybe it sounds silly, but you can do this with any game, or activity. (Status update workout, anyone??) Just have fun with it!     (..and be my neighbor in FV lol!!)

<3 Nikki Rosina

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