Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toilet Training My Husband; And Other Seemingly Impossible Feats

When my little brother was potty-training, my mom would drop a Cheerio in the toilet so he could "practice his aim". I'm considering trying the same trick with my husband, because GOOD GRIEF! Are you guys even TRYING in there? Or is it some horrible fire-hose-like-scene that I dare not even try to imagine. SERIOUSLY, I'm not understanding the problem here, guys. You even have an 'aiming device' installed , and you can't hit that 12" hole? BUT YOU CAN WRITE YOUR NAME? Are you just standing back, and letting nature do the work? Does it BITE?? HOLD ONTO THAT THING, and AIM!!

..Or it's back to Cheerios.


  1. Thanks for posting about me on Facebook! You are so sweet!

    On potty training - I don't think men ever learn. You might have to make him sit down, LOL!

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