Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nikki's 'Intro' Blog

Well, since Therese did an 'intro' blog, I suppose I will too. Hmm.. where to start? It's really quite simple.. I'm me. A little of this, & a little of that. (I feel like I should be on a TV screen, with my name under my face, speaking to a camera LMAO!) So, I'm engaged to my best friend, who I laugh with almost every second we're together. That really is the basis of our relationship - Humor. He's inside my head, always saying things just as I was thinking them. He says I do the same to him. We love music, celeb gossip (OMG SOO glad he's not reading this!!), fishing, camping, dancing, bonfires, & being w/ our 'people'. We're planning on building a house, on Baptism Lane in Finland. The ginormous garage is there now, with a loft where we'll (hopefully) be living after the wedding at the end of July. (SOO excited, BTW!) My favorite household chore? The chores that Jake does! (wink) My least favorite chore? DISHES!! I don't have a dishwasher (only Jake on a part-time basis LOL), so dishes are the worst. And I always have tons! I'm constantly cooking (Not much of a baker tho.) I don't like rude, ignorant or arrogant people. Nor do I surround myself with people I don't trust. I'm currently working on my Associates in Science Degree in Business Mgmt, with a major in Marketing. I' love school! What can I say.. I'm a Lifer! I have 2 fan-tabulous dogs, Yukina & Tao, who I just adore! My babies! I love penguins, tigers, dancing, purple, Star Wars, Disney Pixar movies, tacos, comedy, sushi, & Captain Morgan (wink wink!) I love photography & am pretty good with a camera. (Hmm.. this would be easier if someone was asking me questions, reality-TV styles LOL!) I can be a pain in the ass (ask Jake), but I'm worth it (again.. ask Jake!) I'm a freakin' K-L-U-T-Z!! My stepmom Margie (who recently passed) said I could 'trip over air' & nicknamed me 'Dizz-Butt'! So, don't follow me, because I'm run into & trip over everything!! (You've been warned LOL!) So, I guess that's Nikki in a Nutshell (now available on eBay, & makes a great gift!) You're welcome ;-)

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