Sunday, April 25, 2010

Score Freebies

Ok, I'm kinda of a 'freebie junkie' - I <3 freebies & samples! So here's a couple ways that I found to get your hands on some, & try some new stuff!

Facebook & Twitter - Just search 'free stuff, samples, freebies, etc.. Daily freebie posts
Google 'Free stuff, samples, etc..'
Sign up to be a BzzAgnet at - Consumer WOM site to try & give feedback on new products.
Follow freebie blogs.
Become a 'Fan' of certain brands on Facebook for a freebie. Check their tabs. Aveeno has one :) Bumpits too!
So these are just a couple of the easiest ways to score freebies & samples. If you know of any cool freebie blogs or link, post them. Sharing is caring LOL!!

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